No cash for dead sheep

Environmental minister will not create a special fund to replace livestock killed by wolves

There is as of yet no conclusive evidence that wolves are behind the deaths of sheep in Jutland, but the environment minister, Ida Auken (Socialistisk Folkeparti), is wasting no time in telling farmers that they will not be compensated for their losses in the case of any wolf attacks.

“In Denmark, wild animals are regarded as wild, meaning that no-one is responsible for any damage they may cause, so there are no plans to create a fund to replace livestock killed by wolves,” Auken told DR News.

Auken was responding to Venstre MP Thomas Danielsen, who had asked whether the suggestion by Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, the conservation society, to establish such a fund would become reality.

Danmarks Naturfredningsforening said that the society itself is responsible for assuring that farmers put up the proper electric fences, but that the state should compensate those farmers who still lose livestock to prowling wolves.

Auken said that Vildtforvaltningsrådet, the wildlife management council, has been asked to discuss the wolf issue and that she is waiting to hear its recommendations.