Language centres would be affected by teacher lockout

Council-run centres providing Danish courses for foreigners could see their doors close if teacher talks fail to bear fruit

The teacher lockout that looks likely to take place on April 1 would also affect council-run language centres that provide Danish courses to foreigners. Privately-owned language centres would remain untouched by the conflict.

If the lockout goes in to effect, students at council-run language centres will be forced to cancel classes. 

Language centre CBSI is a council-run language centre and is therefore affected by the on-going conflict between teachers and the local government association, Kommunernes Landsforening (KL). But CBSI is not involved in the negotiations and can only wait and prepare for the possibility of a lockout.

“Like everyone else, we hope that a solution is found so there will be no lockout and if it does happen, we will take it from there,” said Stig Bo Hansen, a head of department at CBSI.

CBSI has almost 1,200 students and 49 teachers who would be affected by the lockout.

According to KL, about 500 teachers in 17 council-run Danish language centres nationwide would be affected. 

The affected language centres would be:

  • Lærdansk Kolding
  • Høje-Taastrup Sprogcenter
  • Slagelse Sprogcenter
  • Vestegnens Sprog- og Kompetencecenter (Brøndby)
  • Sprogcentret Haderslev
  • Sprogcenter Randers
  • Sprogcentret Vejle
  • Guldborgsund Sprog- og Integrationscenter
  • Sprogcenter Skive
  • Sprogcenter Viborg
  • Sprogcenter Nordsjælland
  • Køge Sprogcenter
  • CBSI Sprogcenter
  • Sprogcenter Furesø
  • Sprogcenter Aalborg
  • Sprogcentret Holstebro
  • Sprogcenter Thisted