Hipsters and headbangers get four new additions to Roskilde Festival

March 20th, 2013

This article is more than 11 years old.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Nazoranai, The Sword and Chelsea Light Moving added to festival line-up

In a series of staggered announcements this morning, Roskilde Festival revealed four new acts that will be performing this summer. The festival is known for its eccentricity, and these four groups will fit the bill perfectly.

Hailing from "Hell, Cambridgeshire", Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats are a promising psych-rock trio whose music is reminiscent of The Kinks – albeit a heavier, edgier and gloomier version. Their sound is saturated with layers, and the lead vocals are nightmarishly dreamy. Their newest album is slated for release in mid-April, so you're sure to hear new tracks at Roskilde.

Far more experimental is Nazoranai, a collaboration between Keiki Haino and Sunn O))) members Stephen O'Malley and Oren Ambarchi. With these guys, you won't need mind-altering substances to feel like you're tripping. Layers of harsh but sharp guitar riffs, an ever-consistent drum that rarely varies and vocals that come in unexpectedly but are timed perfectly – this trio are one with their music. Festival goers are likely to either love it or hate it.

Next up is a group of hard rockers all the way from Austin, Texas. With hair that is groomed for headbanging, The Sword have a sound that could be taken straight out of the '70s and are a favourite of Denmark's Lars Ulrich of Metallica. According to lead vocalist John Cronise, "Music is supposed to transport people somewhere away from their daily lives." These guys have taken that philosophy into their music, creating a sound that is sure to get fans going in the mosh-pit.

The last of today's announcements was Chelsea Light Moving, an indie group from New York City founded by Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. While their music is less aggressive than the others', it provides a quintessentially post-modern New York sound. Think divey, dark basement shows with amps blaring and smoke clouds galore. They're fun and innovative and despite indie icon Moore now being 54 years old, have a pure teenage energy. Nostalgic Sonic Youth fans will be taken a trip to their youthful days filled with angst.

The 2013 Roskilde Festival takes place July 4-7, and tickets are currently on sale. 


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