30 arrested in new gang raid

Police continue crackdown with raid on 62 addresses outside Copenhagen

A co-ordinated police action early this morning resulted in the arrests of 30 people with ties to criminal gangs. The arrests came as part of a sweep of 62 addresses in eastern Denmark carried out by police and tax authorities.

Police also said they confiscated five guns, narcotics and about 600,000 kroner in cash in the sweeps.

The raid is the latest in a series of raids in recent weeks of homes and hangouts of suspected gang members.

Copenhagen Police chief superintendent, and head of this morning's raid, Jørgen Skov said the police had been looking for suspects in a number of gang-related crimes, including attempted murder and violent assaults as well as weapons and narcotics violations.

“The raid has run smoothly. We have gotten pretty much all the people we were after and about half of the 30 arrestees will appear at a preliminary hearing tomorrow,” Skov said in a press statement.

The police said that apart from arresting suspects, they were also hoping to discourage people from affiliating with gangs.

“We make it clear for gang members that we under no circumstances will accept violent conflicts and that we will do what we can to catch criminals,” said Skov.

Today's arrests came as police were investigating a shooting they said was part of the ongoing gang conflict. Three people were arrested and have now been charged with attempted murder after five shots were fired at a man in the Nørrebro district yesterday.