Ska-ed by the 1990s? This lot will hook you in

Reel Big Fish  

The ‘90s are iconic. Love them or hate them, but life today wouldn’t be the same without the decade that cloned Dolly, brought kids Tamagotchis, invented the internet, and saw every woman rocking the ‘Rachel’ and every man in flannel and safety-pinned jeans.

Luckily for those with fond memories of the ‘90s, Copenhagen is bringing back one of the biggest names in ska: Reel Big Fish. Remember those guys? They got toes tapping and air drums drumming in the mid-’90s with hits like their admonishing but ironically most popular single ‘Sell Out’. The upbeat and positive single ‘Everything Sucks’ defined a gene-ration’s angst and disillusionment, with lyrics that sing “I know everything sucks, and this is gonna be the last time you hear me complain.” And ‘She Has a Girlfriend Now’ is fairly self-explanatory.

Lyrics infused with the banal problems of love lost and wanting to learn to play the guitar to pick up chicks made Reel Big Fish a band that many could relate to. Their brand of ska was something that jived with a lot of people around 1996 and led to a great cult following even after ska became less popular.

Following those immortal days, the group decided to switch it up and ditch the trumpets. They put out rock singles like ‘Where Have You Been?’, which fared much better without the use of brass. They went through a period of fractured styles, from lighthearted albums like Cheer Up! to more dark and edgy albums featuring tracks about bitterness, jealousy and short-lived popularity − a self-aware approach.

This past summer, the group released their first album in five years. And for die-hard fans of that quintessential ‘90s sound, Candy Coated Fury is a return to their ska roots. It’s what they do best − pseudo-misanthropic lyrics are the icing on a sugar-rush of danceable ska beats and instrumentals. Their songs will have old fans rejoicing and new fans falling for tracks like ‘PS I Hate You’ and ‘I Know You Too Well to Like You Anymore’. Their names are enough to give concert-goers a sense of Reel Big Fish’s fun mockery of anger.

That old-school Reel Big Fish style is back, horns a-blazing, and they’ll get you to smile and dance like it’s 1995 at Lille Vega. Reel in your tickets soon!

Lille Vega; Saturday 21:00; 195kr;