The end of an era as plastic replaces paper for public transport

After 34 years, the colourful public transportation payment method, klippekort, will no longer light up Danish kiosks – or crumble in the wash

Transit authorities in Greater Copenhagen have announced that as of July 1 this year, the ten-ride punch ticket, klippekort, used on trains, buses and the Metro will be no more. 

The klippekort has since 1979 been found curled up in every Dane’s pocket and Movia, which co-ordinates public transit on the entire island of Zealand, now thinks that after all these years of being washed, tumble dried, lost, folded, bent, dropped in the rain and abandoned on train tracks, it is about time that the klippekort be retired.

Movia recommends that commuters swap out those wrinkled pieces of paper for the newly introduced – and widely delayed and criticised – Rejsekort, or use one of the company's smartphone applications to purchase single tickets or monthly passes.

There is no need for nostalgics to cry yet, though, because the klippekort will still be useable through 30 June 2014 and for those not planning on framing your last memories of the coloured card, it is possible to get a refund of the remaining clips until 30 June 2016, which is when the public transport icon will be buried once and for all.

If you are not so keen on getting a Rejsekort – and really, who could blame you – you will still be able to buy single tickets on your phone via text message, by using ticket apps for smartphones and at ticket machines. Furthermore, the brilliant brains behind the Rejsekort have not come up with a solution for the monthly passes, so standard monthly passes – whether in paper form or the newly-introduced period card app – still remain an option for commuters.

Apps for ticket purchases can be found by searching 'Mobilbilletter' for single and multi-ride tickets – a virtual klippekort if you will – and 'Periodekort' for monthly passes. 

Note: This story originally stated that DSB issues klippekort. Transit authority Movia is responsible for ticket sales in Greater Copenhagen.