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April 3rd, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

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Closed churches on the free market

For the first time in history, it will be up to real estate agents to sell the closed churches on the free housing market, according to Kristeligt-Dagblad newspaper. The congregations of Samuels Church and Blågårds Church, two of the 14 churches threatened by closure in Copenhagen, have decided to sell now rather than wait several months for the other churches to make a decision. The churches, however, do not want to be sold to owners who will turn them into a supermarket or a discotheque.  – Kristeligt-Dagblad

Danish police free to take steroids

Cases involving police officers taking steroids have featured more and more often in the Danish media in recent years. But despite the anti-steroid organisation Anti Doping Danmark's awareness of the issue, it is only given access to a few of the many police gyms. According to the Culture Ministry, commercial gyms and police gyms cannot be forced to co-operate with Anti Doping Danmark. Just a few police stations have agreed to give access to the organisation. – Politiken

Drunken youths using ambulances as taxis

Every weekend young party-goers bog down the 112 emergency number by calling ambulances for friends who have gotten too drunk. The boozy young people think that they can have an medical technician take over the care of their drunken friends so that the other revellers can keep the party going. The ambulances say that they are not a taxi service and that picking up drunken teens could be very dangerous for people who actually need help. – metroXpress

Wichmann admits to match fixing claims

Professional footballer Kristoffer Wichmann, who has been accused of matchfixing by Danish football association DBU, has admitted for the first time that he did indeed bet on matches involving his then club Vanløse. Wichmann admitted that in the end of 2011, he bought 96 different Oddset coupons for a total of 48,000 kroner in eleven different betting kiosks, in order to bet that Vanløse, would lose to Hvidovre in the Danish Cup. Hvidovre easily won the match 5-0. – Ekstra Bladet


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