Swiss police suspect disappeared Dane drowned herself

The disappeared Danish student is now believed to have committed suicide in a lake near her Swiss apartment, but her family is not convinced

The Swiss police now suspect that 20-year-old Olivia Østergaard, a Danish student living in the Swiss city of Zug who disappeared on March 26, has committed suicide.

The police say that a witness came forward with a claim that they saw Østergaard near the Lake of Zug. As the police have still not found any other leads in the woman’s disappearance, they now believe that she has drowned herself and plan to search the lake with divers.

“The evidence suggests that her death is a suicide in the Lake of Zug,” the Swiss police wrote in a press statement.

Østergaard’s family, however, finds the police's position very odd.

“We wonder why the police would make such a statement," the woman’s uncle, Karsten Østergaard, told TV2 News. "Her body has not been found – the only thing they have is a witness statement from a person who may have seen her by the lake.” 

They also find it hard to believe that the student would commit suicide as she did not leave a note and her friends said that she seemed happy in the days leading up to her disappearance.