Oarsome evening in Lyngby

Does exercise while sitting down sound like fun? Then maybe rowing’s your sport

Danish rowing is flying at the moment thanks to the Olympic gold medal-winning exploits of Mads Rasmussen and Rasmus Quist in the 2012 Olympics, who led a medal rush that saw Fie Udby Erichsen and Guld firen (the golden four) also make the podium.

Still, that doesn’t mean to say the Danes are resting on their laurels blinkered to the possibility that the international community might have some world-beaters within its ranks – even if they do one day come back to haunt their host country by denying it an Olympic medal.

Far-fetched? Maybe! But you’ll never know whether you’ve got what it takes until you give it a try, and on Monday April 15, the Lyngby Women’s Rowing Club is offering the international ladies of Denmark exactly that: the chance to attend an English-language introduction evening where they can try out a rowing machine and test their mettle.

And even if it proves to be a wasted journey (not that the machines will take you anywhere), you can still enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a slice of homemade cake with some of the club’s members. You don’t even need to get wet.

Lyngby Dameroklub is based at Christians Winthersvej 24 in Lyngby. The evening starts at 19:00 –email adk@adm.ku.dk to register