No more vehicles in front of Christiansborg

New security measures shut down traffic in front of parliament building

Beginning on Monday April 22, motorists will no longer be able to drive through Rigsdagsgården in front of Christiansborg’s main entrance

Fear of a terrorist attack using a car bomb led the domestic intelligence agency, PET, to recommend a ban on vehicle traffic.

Plans to increase security around Christiansborg have long been on the table, but the car bomb attack by Anders Breivik on the government quarter in Oslo in July 2011 created a greater sense of urgency about the risk of a terrorist attack.

The ban does not apply to the Royal Family, ministers or diplomats. They will still be allowed to drive up to the main stairs and discharge their passengers. Bicyclists and pedestrians will also still be free to move about around Christiansborg.

The closuring of car traffic was decided at a meeting last December. Venstre was the only party opposed to the change.

Other anti-terrorism measures include placing some 80 tonnes of granite stones around the walls of the palace in order to prevent cars from driving and parking close to the building.

The first temporary stones were put in place last week. More permanent and decorative stones are slated to be in position within a year, and all of the new anti-terrorism measures should be completed by autumn 2014.