Police trumpet drug task force success

Pusher Street focus netting arrests, guns and illegal drugs, say cops

Police in Copenhagen said yesterday that their offensive against illegal drugs in the city – specifically in Christiania via Task Force Pusher Street – is producing results.

Nearly 20,000 joints, 140kg of hash and 71kg of pot have been confiscated in the first three months of this year, resulting in 321 charges of possession of narcotics, according to police.

"We are going to continue until the obvious cannabis trade in Christiania is removed," said Copenhagen Police commissioner Steffen Thaaning Steffensen in a departmental release. "We feel that our strategy of going after buyers, sellers and suppliers is working.”

Steffensen said that most of the residents and neighbours of Christiania have expressed support for the department’s efforts.

Task Force Pusher Street has also seized five guns and ammunition, as well as approximately three million kroner.

"We are stressing the buyers, and when you stress the buyers, you also stress the sellers,” said Steffensen in the release.

Two weeks ago, police arrested 21 people as part of an operation against ‘joint factories'.

"It sent a signal to people sitting and making joints to sell not to get too comfortable,” said Steffensen.