UPDATE Hostage situation at Copenhagen Police headquarters resolved

Police say that an inmate has taken another prisoner hostage using a homemade weapon

UPDATE – Copenhagen Police said that the hostage situation has been resolved. The hostage has been released and the hostage taker has been arrested. There were no injuries.


Original article –


Copenhagen Police sent a special response unit to police headquarters in the inner city this afternoon after an inmate at the facility's detention centre took another inmate hostage.


Copenhagen Police spokesperson James Keiwe told The Copenhagen Post that a prisoner in his 30s has taken a prisoner in his 20s hostage. Keiwe said the hostage taker is armed. 


“The inmate has a homemade weapon which he has used to take his hostage,” Keiwe said.


The police are in dialogue with the hostage taker at the moment but Keiwe could not comment further on the negotiations.  He doesn’t know if any employees are involved.


The hostage taker's lawyer has been denied access to his client due to safety reasons until the police find such contact safe.


The situation arose shortly before 2pm, when the two inmates were outside for a walk.


The jail holds 25 inmates that require extra security measures. 


This story will be updated when more information becomes available.