Select Shopping | Think big, buy small!

Small class cars are a very popular choice for car buyers in Denmark. The attractiveness of a convenient price can only go so far though, so what do these cars have that make them so successful?


Toyota Yaris 1.5 VVT-i Hybrid e-CVT H2 Toyota Touch (75 HP)

Unbelievable! The little Japanese car has gone greener than ever! With just 79g CO2/km, it is not only very impressive, it is also the lowest emission level in its class. It might come as a surprise that Honda’s Jazz has been on the market for quite some time already as the first small class hybrid car. However, it doesn’t really sell. Toyota, on the other hand, has sold more Yaris hybrids than all the other hybrid cars (including its own) on the market combined. And driving it, you can see why! It is so easy to use! It has a simple and relaxing CVT gearbox, great stability, interior space that is plentiful, especially headroom, and you get your full money’s worth if you pay extra for the Touch&Go system – it integrates perfectly into the dashboard, making the overall functionality of the car very high!

Toyota Danmark ApS, Dynamovej 10, Herlev;; from 221,992kr


Peugeot 208 Active 1.2 VTi (82 HP)

As the French brand’s little ray of sunshine – it needs one given the hard times it is going through financially at the moment – the 208 has won the hearts of many European nations and beyond, winning the car of the year award not only in Spain and other European nations, but in South Korea as well. This car comes from a long line of famed B segment Peugeot cars: the immensely successful 205 and the smashing hit, the 206. The 207 was more of a rejuvenation of the 206, but the company built up momentum and launched the 208, a truly up-to-date car with a fresh exclusivist look, which boasts Diesel engines that have a technological edge and plenty of gimmicks, including a touchscreen central display.

Peugeot Danmark ApS, Hovedvejen 1, Glostrup;; from 162,990kr


Ford Fiesta Trend 1.0 (65 HP)

With 36 years of history and 15 million Fiestas sold worldwide, this is most definitely the model that most people are familiar with among the three described here. If you choose to go with the Ford, you get one of the biggest B-segment cars on the market right now, with a fresh new face that will make you look like you are getting out of an Aston Martin. And the car is just so in tune with the road that you might actually feel like you are driving a performance car.

Andersens Biler ApS, Energivej 4, 2750 Ballerup;; 5-door version from 128,960kr