All of us owned one, and now they own it all

Upon first glance of their name, many listeners will be thrust into a burst of nostalgia as they remember the portable tiny device that soundtracked their childhood and teenage years. It once held the tapes of iconic teenage rock anthems, but now it sits on the tables of various flea markets − replaced by the convenience of the mp3.

Still that hasn’t stopped The Walkmen reviving the iconic name for a new generation, albeit as indie rockers. Preferring the sounds of vintage instruments, The Walkmen often favour instruments such as the upright piano that helps create their signature sound without becoming a distraction.

Standing out among other indie bands, online publication Pitchfork notes that the lead singer, Hamilton Leithauser, “is being compared to other rock vocalists, and as one reference point, he sounds like Bono: he veers to the high end of his range and he’s not afraid to make every note sound important.”

The band, hailing from Washington DC, have truly evolved since their 2002 debut. Since then, their songs have been featured in shows such as the early ‘00s teen favourite, The O.C, and the films Spider-Man 3 and 50/50.

The Walkmen are most well known for their 2004 single, ‘The Rat’. From their sophomore album, Bows + Arrows, the song truly widened their reach. Focusing on Matt Barrick’s relentless drum patterns, the song screams for simple recognition. And recognition they did receive.

The track received highly positive critical acclaim. It was named 13th best track of the decade by NME and 20th best track of the 2000s by Pitchfork. Rolling Stone magazine called it “one of the greatest songs of the century”, and in 2011, NME gave it recognition again by placing it as the 31st best song of the past 15 years.

However, unlike most rock bands, The Walkmen never let this recognition go to their heads. Since their hit, the band have released four full-length albums, including their most recent effort, Heaven.

Polished while reminiscing on children and redemption, their latest album marks the band’s jump into adulthood. No longer a messy production full of unbalanced rock anthems, the album features inspiring and uplifting songs such as the title track ‘Heaven’.  The album also includes harmonies from Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold, and a twinkling acoustic guitar.

Promoting their new album, The Walkmen have been on a worldwide tour for over a year and will be making their next stop here in Copenhagen. This will be the band’s first time performing in Denmark since Roskilde 2011.

The Walkmen
Amager Bio, Øresundsvej 6, Cph S;
Tue 20:00;
Tickets: 242kr,