Morning Briefing – Friday, May 3

The Copenhagen Post’s daily digest of what the Danish press is reporting

Majority against less ministerial transparency

A considerable majority of Danes are against the aspects of the planned and embattled freedom of information act, offentlighedsloven that will reduce governmental transparency. A Megafon survey showed that 58 percent of voters said they believed that the proposed law is unwise and weakens the ability to control those wielding power. – Politiken

Unemployed cheating with their internships

Unemployed in Denmark are using creative but illegal ploys to avoid being forced to work in the councils’ job centres. Of 5,000 newly-started companies, 500 – or ten percent – said they had been contacted by an unemployed person wanting to sign a pro forma agreement in order to avoid being put to work by their council. – Berlingske

Tax authorities could be abusing human rights

The tax authority Skat has come under fire for ignoring basic human rights while processing a case against a Danish retiree living in Monaco. Skat claims that the woman owes 27 million kroner in taxes and moved to snatch the 200,000 kroner the woman paid her attorney to try her case. A human rights institute says that this violates her right to defend herself. – Jyllands-Posten

Kolding on tour for the rich

Eivind Kolding, the chairman of the board of Danske Bank, has hit the road in order to ensure the loyalty of the bank’s most financially viable customers. Kolding hosted a series of arrangements around the country with business leaders and well-off private customers in a bid to repair the bank’s less than stellar reputation. – Børsen

Retirement homes preparing elderly for death

More retirement homes are increasing their focus on providing the elderly with a dignified death in homely surroundings instead of pointless treatments and hospitalisations. Holmegårdsparken retirement home in Charlottenlund has reduced its annual averages of 25 deaths at a hospital ten years ago to just two today. – Kristeligt Dagblad

Specialists at odds over shale gas

Energy and environmental engineers strongly disagree about the prospect of shale gas production in Denmark, according to a new report. The report, by engineering association IDA, showed that 40 percent of the professionals look favourably at shale gas production, while 36 percent are negatively inclined. The remaining 24 percent were neutral. – Ingeniøren

Bears win again

The Bakken Bears overcame the Svendborg Rabbits last night 92-83 in the final and deciding game seven of the Danish basketball championships to win their thirteenth title. The MVP of the finals was Chris Christoffersen of the Bears, a team that somehow managed to win the title despite dealing with a host of issues this season. –