Who is … Huxi Bach?

His official name is Christian Bækgaard Bach and he is a 35-year-old journalist. Kind of, although he never actually graduated. He spent four years at journalism school in Aarhus but was eventually kicked out. 

Why Huxi?

He got this name even before he was born. Christian is just an alias to trick the boring system that refused to accept Huxi. According to him, ‘Hu Xi’ means ‘tiger of the west’ in Chinese and is mostly said to little boys when they are funny or cute.

Is he?

He has a cheeky grin and spiky hair, like he has just returned from the playground or did something he knows his mummy won’t approve of.

Cute. Where can I see him?

Right now you can see him on TV2 in the comedy show ‘Klipfiskerne’ on Saturdays. He is one of two team captains competing in a quiz that mainly consists of questions about YouTube videos. 

So they just watch YouTube?

They do more than just that. In one category they have to play charades. A couple of weeks ago, Huxi took to the floor for the first time to act out a video. He had smoothly avoided doing this so far by sending the rest of his team out like a true dictator. But after encouragement from the whole studio, the captain surrendered and walked the plank. 

What video was it?

A bunch of brown baby bears make a love train and lick each others ears. Now imagine this tall pale guy attempting to copy them. It was highly memorable. 

So what else has he done?

Well, besides hosting ‘Boogie’, a music show for youngsters, for a two-year stint from 2002, he was in danger of becoming one of those professional TV show contestants. You know, the type that miraculously knows the lyrics of loads of annoying songs. His most memorable appearance was on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ when his mother let him down with the wrong answer as his phone-a-friend. He stormed out of the studio saying: “The money lost on this will be deducted from herfuture Christmas and birthday presents.”