Text Factor 2013 ? Week 1

May 5th, 2013

This article is more than 11 years old.

The Copenhagen Post’s writing contest is underway. Our judges have spoken, but the competition isn’t over until the readers have their say

Welcome to Text Factor.

No, not Text Factor, as in sending an SMS at superhuman speed − although the competitors are 17-year-old girls, so they would all do pretty well − Text Factor as in text, copy, the words of an article in a newspaper.

Over the next three weeks, an all-girl line-up of students from Virum Gynasium will be competing for the coveted title of Text Factor champion 2013. Each week, they will write an assignment, which will be published with our four judges’ comments in the newspaper, and then on the website to allow our readers to have their say and vote for their favourites.

The texts can be read and voted on below in our comments section – simply vote 'up' the entry you think is best.

Week 1’s assignment is to write a news story (writing about their everyday lives was an option), Week 2 a theatre review and Week 3 an opinion piece. The field will shorten each week by two, while the pieces will lengthen.

Following a stampede at The Copenhagen Post to take part, a formidable judging panel has emerged. The jury’s out on which one of Kevin McGwin (editor-in-chief), Ben Hamilton (managing editor), actor Ian Burns (community columnist) or Amy Strada (copy editor) will emerge as Mr Nasty. But what is undisputed is that in the end, there will be only one winner. Let Text Factor commence!

 Copy editor Amy Strada. She knows her grammar, and she's not afraid to use itEditor-in-chief Kevin McGwin. Great Caesar's ghost, you call that an article!Copenhagen Post managing editor Ben Hamilton. Is he the new Mr Nasty?To critique or not to critique, that is the question for actor Ian Burns


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