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Police call off search for missing man

“No clues” in Martin Svejgaard Helbo’s disappearance, cops say

Martin Svejgaard Helbo disappeared sometime during the wee hours of April 13 following a night on the town in Copenhagen’s Kødbyen district. He was last seen in Nørrebro in the early morning hours but was not seen or heard from since.

Copenhagen Police have been searching for clues into Helbo’s disappearance since mid-April, but they now say that the case is “on hold”.

“We have nothing new to go on,” Hans Sinding of the Copenhagen Police told TV2 News.

Helbo’s friends, family and co-workers have actively participated in the search and bulletins with his picture have been hung up across the city.

Police said that there is nothing to suggest that Helbo was the victim of a crime and that they will immediately resume the case if new evidence materialises.