Who is … Cecilie Frøkjær?

The 44-year-old journalist Anne Cecilie Frøkjær-Jensen is the host of the TV2 evening show ‘Go’ Aften Danmark’.

How long has she done that?
Since August 2010. She used to be on the morning show ‘Go’ Morgen Danmark’, where she was one of the original hosts. She got that job in December 1996 by sending in a video profiling her skills and passion for interviewing. Then, after 14 years of waking up at around 03:30 in the morning, she stopped.

She must have really liked it?
Yes, and her favourite part was the end of the show when the hosts have to eat the food that the chefs have been cooking all morning. Missing out on the delicious food must have been upsetting because she now has a TV show called ‘Cecilie og madklubben’ in which she has some of Denmark’s best known chefs cook. This woman is crazy about food!

You can’t even tell!
I know. She appears to be one of those women who just never put on weight. But she’s had major struggles with her weight ever since she was little. For a health check when she was nine, the doctor squeezed her nipple and asked: “What’s this? Are you getting breasts?” followed by the conclusion: “Nope. You’re just fat.” The little Cecilie was torn and has since then worked hard on keeping her weight down.

It works out pretty well for her.
So it seems. But if you ask her, this is far from the reality. This slim beautiful host struggles daily with her weight as she has a slow metabolism, but a growing love of food. She claims that she gains and loses four kilos every month and estimates that she has lost 1.6 tonnes throughout her life!

That’s a fair bit.
It was worst when she was pregnant. She put on 35 kilos! Even after the pregnancy, all she could fit into were elasticated maternity pants. But luckily for her the cameras seem to do her, justice because she somehow always manages to look gorgeous.