Fallout from UK washout remains up in the air

Britain’s expecting a lousy summer, but according to DMI, there is still hope for Denmark

Recent reports from the Met Office, the UK weather service, suggest another rainy summer is in store for the people of Britain, but what does this mean for Denmark?

“Our official prognosis is due tomorrow at around noon," said Niels Hansen, the press officer for DMI, the Danish weather service. “But although there is a statistical correlation between the two countries, there is no causality between the two weather systems.”

According to Hansen, there is no reason to believe that just because a rainy summer is expected in the UK the same goes for Denmark. And in fact, he expects the beginning of the summer, at least, to be relatively dry and warm.

Hansen explains that the weather will depend on the predominance of North Atlantic low pressure systems, which tend to produce more rain.   

Looking at recent summers, there is cause for concern. “Compared to the climatic norm, Denmark has had above average downpour every summer since 2001,” Hansen explained. And the summer of 2011 was the second rainiest summer in history. 

“This is obviously climate change, but nobody can say that this won’t change back, or what is causing it. But it is clearly significant that we have had above average rain for 12 years in a row.”

Hansen explains, however, that it is not always the amount of downpour, or the temperature that matters when it comes to good summers, but rather the hours of sunshine.

“We have found that people can have a good experience during a rainy summer, just as long as the rain comes in short stints and is intermitted by many hours of sunshine.”

So while there is no reason to cancel any picnics in Kongens Have just yet, it might be wise to stay away from the UK if you want a pleasant summer.