UPDATED: Vicious fire releasing poisonous smoke over Aarhus

The police are warning the citizens living in the area in the northern part of Aarhus that the smoke is toxic and can be dangerous to inhale

UPDATE, 14:10: Mogens Brøndum, the police commissioner of east-Jutland, has warned all residents in the area to seek medical aid if they've inhaled the toxic fumes from the fire.

"The health inspector has informed me that there is a risk of a formation of hydrochloric acid in the lungs if you inhale the smoke from the fire," Brøndum told Ekstra Bladet tabloid. "If you have difficulty breathing or other symptoms, seek medical help immediately. Smoke from electronics is some poisonous stuff."

The police believe that the fire will be put out sometime this afternoon.

ORIGINAL, 11:09: A raging fire at a second-hand electronics warehouse in Aarhus is currently sending poisonous smoke over a large area that includes Lystrup, Lisbjerg and Hjortshøj.

The police are warning citizens living in the area to stay indoors because the smoke is toxic and can be dangerous to inhale.

“It is poisonous smoke from burning parts of electronics and plastic from various computer equipment,” Jan Jansen, from the east-Jutland police told Ekstra Bladet tabloid.

The black pall of smoke can currently be seen rising into the sky over the whole Aarhus area.

According to the police there were no people injured in the fire.