Post Danmark delivers ‘green’ mail

Post Danmark rolls out a fleet of 50 electric vehicles

Yesterday, Post Danmark’s Roskilde department received the Danish postal service's first electric car. The transport minister, Henrik Dam Kristensen (Socialdemokraterne), who himself used to be a mailman, had the honour of being in the car for the inaugural ride.

A happy Kristensen announced that Post Danmark has 50 electric cars, which all have automatic gears, are quiet and ready for use. Post Danmark already has 1,700 electric bicycles and 100 electric scooters, making it the company that owns the most electric vehicles in Denmark.

“I am happy that Post Danmark focuses on green vehicles on a large scale. The transport business face challenges when it comes to decreasing CO2 emissions and there is a need for large players who dare to take the lead and promote the development of less polluting vehicles,” Kristensen said in a press statement.

Post Danmark agrees that green energy should be a part of the future.

"We will keep investing in electric cars and we also plan on getting smaller trucks running on electricity," Martin von Horsten, the manager of distribution in Post Danmark, said in a press statement.

Post Danmark will set up its own charging stations where the cars will be parked for the day and charged.