Sunny summer forecast for desperate Danes

The weather forecast for this summer looks promising for sunbathing and swimming enthusiasts

Get your swimsuit and sun screen ready because this summer looks like it will be full of sun and warmth, according to meteorology institute DMI.

DMI published its three-month weather prognosis for June, July and August yesterday, and after a long cold winter and a wet windy spring, most of us can probably agree that a little sunshine would be well deserved.

Fortunately, it seems like the weather gods agree and might just bless us with a pleasant summer.

DMI predicts that the coming summer will be better than the previous two, meaning less rain, more hours of sunshine and higher temperatures.

Every summer since 2001, Denmark has had above-average precipitation, but it seems that the trend will turn this year. August looks to be very average regarding both temperature and rain, but June and July promise dryer conditions and higher day temperatures.

Warm days are usually accompanied by cold nights due to the lesser cloud cover, so even though the temperatures will appear to be average, DMI predicts that we will actually have higher day temperatures but colder evenings.

Anyone living in Denmark would agree that DMI is not infallible and its meteorologists do say that there are no signs of a dominating high pressure usually indicating stability. So keep your fingers crossed and your sun lotion within reach.