Landmark Børsen building up for sale

One of city’s most recognisable buildings is set to switch hands for the first time since 1857

Christian IV built it in the 1620s, it is one of the city's oldest and most recognisable buildings, and it can be yours if the price is right. 


Ownership of the stock exchange building, Børsen, is set to switch hands for the first time in over 150 years as the building's owners, business lobby group Dansk Erhverv, have put the landmark on the market. 


Estate company Sadolin og Albæk has been charged with selling the building, and the financial daily that shares the building's name, Børsen, reports that the property is expected to fetch a price in the hundreds of millions of kroner.


According to Peter Winther, a partner in Sadolin og Albæk, the estate company has put out feelers to potential buyers both within Denmark and abroad. 


"We are contacting a fairly long list of international investors who we think might be interested," Winther told Børsen. "And it is difficult. Many of them will likely pass because it is too complicated."


Jens Klarskov of Danske Erhverv said that the building will go to the highest bidder, since "that is the right thing to do for a building that has always been a business house", but added that he hopes the eventual buyer will respect the Børsen building's historic value.


"We don't have anything against burger joints, but that it is not the point of selling the building," Klarskov told Børsen.


Børsen's 56-metre high spire, shaped as the tail of four intertwined dragons, is one of the most recognisable sights in Copenhagen. The building served as the Danish stock exchange until 1974, when the stock exchange was moved to Nikolaj Plads.