Text Factor 2013 – Week 3

May 18th, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

The Copenhagen Post’s writing contest is in its final week – the judges have had their say, but the winner and recpient of a one-week internship with The Copenhagen Post isn’t decided until you, the audience, cast your votes

The all-girl line-up of students from Virum Gymnasium has been reduced to three following last week’s challenge to write a review of ‘The Beach’, an English-language play that they saw performed at Kruddtønden in Østerbro in early April.

Following the Week 1 assignment to write a news story, this was a chance to form an opinion, and they didn’t hold back, depicting a beach more wind-swept and sand-in-your-face than sun-kissed and idyllic. (Note to culture editor: if you want a catty theatre review, you know where to look!) Several committed the cardinal error of critiquing the play itself and not the staging, and in the end it was a relatively easy process shortening the field down to three. 

While Ida continues to be the frontrunner – her news story in Week 1 was clearly the judges’ favourite – opinion was divided over who wrote the best review last week, with both Sofie and Sara emerging as strong candidates to take the title. This week’s challenge was to write an opinion piece.

Our students were encouraged to throw the rule book out of the window along with the guide to poetry featured at the start of ’Dead Poets’ Society’ and to take you, the reader, into their world. Below are the judges’ comments – but don’t forget to cast your votes below to help decide who wins. Deadline for voting is Wednesday at 9am.

The contestent with the most votes will be selected for a one-week internship with The Copenhagen Post.


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