Performers ring audience’s bell at another helping of Rang Manch

Indians In Denmark celebration was inclusive of all and enjoyed by everyone

XFactor Bollywood style came to Copenhagen once again on May 11 for the traditional Indians In Denmark celebration of Rang Manch at Bellahøj Skole. Once again, it was an occasion enjoyed by all − be it non-Indians or Indians from different backgrounds − as the nationwide talent show reached its climax.

Now in its fourth year, Rang Manch is the first public event of the year celebrated by Indians in Denmark, the largest association of Indian diaspora in Scandinavia, and it showed in the pent-up energy of the performers and audience. It has truly set the rhythm for the year ahead.

The proceedings began, as is traditional, with a classical Indian rendering of ‘Ganesha Vandana’ by Deepshikha Daga, and thereafter the audience was bombarded with entertainment, whether it was dramatic performances, song recitals, dance numbers, classic Bollywood numbers or chartbusters. The feelings of nostalgia and childhood cheer were palpable.

The foot-tapping number ‘Zoobi DoobiÂ’ was rendered with great zest!“A lot of Indian families have now made Denmark their new home and such a gathering is a wonderful opportunity to get together and meet new families,” explained Indians In Denmark founder Kannathasan Pandian.

“Cultural programmes are bringing the diaspora closer together. In spite of living the independent, self-sufficient, nuclear Copenhagen lifestyle, which is new to many Indians, families are increasingly trying to find the time to rehearse for dance shows and group activities. This brings great camaraderie, and Indian families are discovering a new hygge, which is very important for a young, growing diaspora.”

The awards came thick and fast. Nitisha Sinha won best semi-classical dancer. Rimli Das Gupta won the Super Singer award, and Sanjukta and Kaustav won Mr and Mrs India.

Vivaan Shah won first prize for fancy dress, Harsh Vora was runner-up. Nishi Soni, Hussain Asger, Tanvi Krisha Gupda and Vihaan Sanghavi won the group dance. Anagha Sivram and Avani Sivram shared the runners-up prize with Amy Larsen, Anna Hvidtfelt Christensen and Mahan Bibibi.

It was of course a day to thank, most particularly Smita Raj Singh, the organiser of the show, and Radhika Larsen, the host. While the always popular ‘Mr and Mrs India’ was hosted by Anu Suthakaran and TV2 hosts Divya Das and Thomas Hübertz took on the role of the judges.