Who is … Tim Schou?

A 25-year-old musician and the lead singer of the band A Friend in London.

Do I know any of their songs?

In 2011, they won the Danish Eurovision qualifier and were sent off to Düsseldorf to represent their nation with the song ‘New Tomorrow’. They came in  fifth, but Schou still managed to steal some limelight when he audibly shouted “I want to fuck you!” to the Dutch presenter after she had given Denmark 12 points. We can only imagine her excitement. 


She said later that she found it funny, and Schou restricted himself to politely saying “thank you” the next time Denmark received a top score.

Any hard feelings about Emmelie winning?

No, no. He said he really liked the song and believed it to be a winner. Even though his band didn’t win Eurovision, he found it to be a great stepping stone for getting the band’s name out there. And they did. They released an album, ‘Unite’, in January this year, although in early April, Schou announced that two of the band members – that is half the band – are leaving the band to go solo.

Were they famous? 

Somewhat. They have toured a lot in England and Canada and have performed with Howie D from the Backstreet Boys and willingly called up Carly Rae Jepsen, unlike her gay neighbour, with whom they have recorded a song. 

Sure, because they are straight

Not too sure about that. Some say that they hook up with each other in the band, but Schou said they were like family to him. He has admitted to kissing several guys and said that there is still time to change sides despite finding the men he has kissed a bit too rough and brutal. But it would be typical, and not at all surprising, if such a cutey ended up batting for the other side.

And now we won’t see that face anymore?

Rumour has it that they’ll still be touring together, and if you’re lucky you might catch him in Vesterbro where he used to be a kindergarten teacher along with one of the other band members.