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May 30th, 2013

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Copenhagen’s resident alternative cinema Cinemateket rolls out a rich programme of films each month to offer a substitute for the run-of-the-mill blockbusters on offer at mainstream cinemas. This month, the filmhouse will warm up for the city’s third annual Jewish Cultural Festival, which runs from June 5-9, with several Second World War films, as well as a tribute to Italian avant-garde filmmaker Luchino Visconti. Among the other series and special screenings to kick off the summer season are ‘Sinful Swedish Summer’, showcasing the steamiest ‘50s flicks from across the Øresund, and June’s monthly film Sunset Boulevard, the 1950 film noir story told from a corpse’s perspective. Check out InOut’s top picks below – screening details are available on their website.



Christopher Walken series
American actor Christopher Walken claims to have built his repertoire of over 100 films with no set career strategy, and by simply taking the next job as it comes. Fans of the eccentric actor, then, will be pleased to see that Cinemateket is showing the full variety of Walken films this month, from 1978’s The Deer Hunter to 2012’s Seven Psychopaths. In particular, don’t miss the 1990 crime/thriller King of New York, about a former drug lord released from prison.  


British Gangsters
Compared to their American counterparts, British gangster flicks are known to be less bombastic, more raw and realistic, and get the job done in less than two hours. Among Cinemateket’s picks is the 1971 Michael Caine classic ‘Get Carter’, considered by many to be the best British gangster film of all time. Elsewhere, catch Steven Soderbergh’s The Limey, in which an ex-mobster (Terence Stamp) investigates his daughter’s death in Los Angeles.


Danish on a Sunday
Cinemateket offers bi-weekly screenings of Danish classics with English subtitles to introduce non Danish-speakers to Scandinavian cinema. This month, don’t miss Thomas Vinterberg’s acclaimed Jagten (The Hunt, June 9, 14:15), or Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth’s collaborative documentary De fem benspænd (The five obstructions, June 23, 14:15), in which Von Trier challenges Leth to remake his short film ‘The perfect human’ five times over, each time with a different obstacle.


June at Cinemateket
Gothersgade 55, Cph K; 3374 3400; www.dfi.dk


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