Copenhagen losing millions on rubbish collection

May 31st, 2013

This article is more than 11 years old.

Bad management cited as reason for cost overruns

The city’s rubbish collection operations have lost 100 million kroner over the last three years due to poor management, the head of the public works department said today.

"We must recognise that we have not managed our budget effectively,” Mette Margrethe Elf told DR News.

She pointed to new state rules that made it difficult to know which companies are required to pay for rubbish removal.

“In the past, collection charges were included in tax bills, but now we have to send an invoice directly to the company. That is a big change.”

The inefficient billing has led to reduced revenues while the department’s costs have remained the same.

Elf said the department will make up the shortfall by trimming administrative costs and putting pressure on delinquent businesses to pay for collection.

“This will not cost the residents of Copenhagen one single kroner," she said. "We will get the money back ourselves.”


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