Who is … Felix Smith?

He is a radio and TV personality who is the three-time host of the Danish Eurovision qualifier, including in 2011, when A Friend in London won. 

Where have I seen him recently?

He was recently a co-host for the Copenhagen Ink Festival in early May. Here, the 36-year-old got to show off his tattoos and even added a few more to his collection when he had both of his arms tattooed at the same time.

So he’s a badass?

He does have a lot of ink, but he looks more like a mother-in-law’s dream, thanks in part to a head of dishevelled hair that makes it look like he just got out of bed. On his website he calls himself a ‘professional charmer’.

Is that true?

It isn’t completely wrong. He makes women weak at the knees with his cute smile and innocent curiosity. In his most recent programme, ‘Felix jagter vejen til success’ (Felix seeks the road to success), on TV2, he visits successful businesspeople including architect Bjarke Ingels and chocolatier Peter Beier.

I love his chocolate!

And so does Felix. His eyes lit up like a child’s when he went to Beier’s home, which is where he also produces all his chocolate. For the few days he was there he was treated like a king, constantly munching on chocolate and he even got to make his own variety, which contained so much cayenne pepper that Beier’ and his employees couldn’t eat it. Felix was satisfied though. In the same episode, twin calves were born at the Beier’s manor. Felix managed to get one named after him.

So did he find the road to success?

Returning with two massive bags full of chocolate, he no doubt feels he found success – or at least satisfaction. Besides that, the programme has him toying with the idea of starting his own business. If he succeeds, there’s sure to be a TV show about it – and maybe even a tattoo to commemorate it