Aussie boyband’s ‘wanking’ stunt in Copenhagen draws widespread condemnation

Little Britain star Matt Lucas appeals to the Australian band to pull the video off YouTube

The depraved and music often go hand-in-hand. We’ve all heard the urban legends about rock-stars eating bats, animal sperm and shit, but while they might churn our stomachs a bit, there’s a part of us that doubt they’re true.

Sadly in the case of a recent episode involving The Janoskians, some 'Jackass' wannabes who have found fame as an Australian boyband, at Field’s shopping centre in the Amager city district of Copenhagen, the truth is not in dispute – it was filmed and is currently on YouTube. And in the interest of desktop hygiene, it is advised you don’t watch it while eating.

The clip, entitled Public Wanking, shows the band’s members appearing to masturbate in various places at the centre: in a bus lane, at the bottom of an escalator, in a person’s shopping trolley, in front of children and, in one case, whilst looking at a six-week-old baby, which the perpetrator calls “a cute kid”, “a beautiful kid” and “sexy”.

Today the clip has been widely condemned in the Australian media as the story spreads like wildfire across the planet – among the celebrities who have so far chipped in is Matt Lucas, the co-creator of comedy show 'Little Britain'.

“It’s repulsive” he wrote on Twitter. “It’s probably also criminal. It’s certainly utterly witless. I hope they see sense and take the clip down. If they don’t, I have no doubt they’ll be destroyed in the press. I wouldn’t normally wish that on anyone, but frankly, I think it might be what they need."

Back in their home country, the Australian authorities have labelled the video “paedophilic” and “verging on sexual assault”.

Responding to an online tirade attacking the band on, one US commenter perhaps best summed up the worldwide outrage when he wrote: “Although I hate to agree with any asshole using ‘fuckingfaggots’ as a screen name, I do. Please show your ass like that here in the USA cause we'll beat the shit out of you. Fuck fame, we've killed for less in this country. No offence to you K-Roo fuckers, but these shit heads need a boot up their asses.”