Dane convicted of kidnapping in ‘Oliver’ custody trial

Austrian court upholds conviction of Thomas Sørensen for kidnapping son and taking him back to Denmark last year

A court in the city of Graz, Austria, has convicted Thomas Sørensen to a 12-month suspended sentence for kidnapping his son and taking him to Denmark last year, reports the APA news bureau. 

The boy, Oliver, now six, is at the centre of a cross-border custody battle between Sørensen and the boy's Austrian mother. 

Sørensen was convicted last year of kidnapping, but that decision was thrown out after a mistrial was declared. The retrial was scheduled for April, but was postponed when Sørensen failed to appear out of fear he would be arrested.

Today's decision upholds the original ruling. 

Sørensen, according to APA, has appealed the decision.