Morning Briefing – Friday, June 7

The Copenhagen Post’s daily digest of what the Danish press is reporting

School reform still gridlocked

The school-reform negotiations are in limbo after the Konservative (K) party walked out the talks yesterday. The goal of the reforms is to assure that students have a longer, more cohesive school day, but it is still unsure when any action will take place. Some say it could be 2016 before any action takes place. About one in every five students currently finishes school without being able to read and write at an acceptable level. – Politiken

Staff to docs: "Back off."

As the conflict between the government and doctors continues to simmer, doctors are facing a lack of support from their own support staff. The three largest unions that represent doctors’ support staff such as secretaries, nurses and lab workers have all urged the doctors to relax their demands. The unions argued that the government has been accommodating during the conflict and the doctors should be more willing to compromise. – Jyllands-Posten

Universities could suffer for accepting more students

Universities in Denmark run the risk of losing funding if they follow the government's mandate of admitting and graduating more students. The government has encouraged universities to accept more students, and universities are paid a fee by the government for every exam they give. The schools expressed concern that the government will reduce the fee because of an influx of students. – Information

Danes don’t want to work with ex-cons

A survey revealed that while Danes believe that ex-cons should be given another chance, they don’t want to work along side them. The survey, from the crime-preventing council, Det Kriminalpræventive Råd, showed that 88 percent of Danes believe that ex-cons should another chance on the labour market, but only 52 percent would accept an applicant who has been convicted of theft. – Kristeligt-Dagblad

Climate minister going electric

Starting in August climate minister Martin Lidegaard (Radikale) will be motoring in an electric car while on the job, according to MetroXpress newspaper. Lidegaard will be driving the Tesla Model S, the 'Rolls Royce' of electric cars, which can accelerate from 0-100 kilometres an hour in 4.4 seconds. Crown prince Frederik has also ordered a Tesla Model S. – MetroXpress

More trains on time…really

The nation's trains have been more punctual, according to national rail infrastructure company, Banedanmark. Figures showed that 93.1 percent of all trains were on time between January and May, 2013, up from 92.2 percent in 2012. Banedanmark said that using several trains per platform and stopping at more strategic places helped improve service. – DR News

Golden boys win big again

Denmark’s under-19 football team followed up their thrashing of Czech Republic by winning by the same 5-0 score against Bulgaria yesterday. A hattrick from Kristian Lindberg and a goal each from Christian Nørgaard and Mads Nielsen sealed the win. The Danes will have to beat Portugal in the final game to progress to the European Championships in Lithuania as the Portuguese have a better goal difference. –