TV listings | Restlessness between episodes guaranteed

If strong women is the vague underlying theme for this column then Restless is a good place to start. The adaption of William Boyd’s novel of the same name is rated as the new Downton Abbey, but unlike that period drama it is “well-acted, well-written, well-paced and well-filmed”, according to  British newspaper the Guardian. Comparisons between the two shows were inevitable as Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary Crawley) is part of a strong line-up of female British talent that includes Hayley Atwell (her second Boyd outing following the brilliant Any Human Heart) and Charlotte Rampling. 

There was a debate raging in the press following the Sound of Change Concert (DR3, Sat 22:05) about how much women’s rights were progressed by the female singers who all wore a variation of the words ‘tight’, ‘short’ and ‘leather’.

From one group of females who enjoy being in front of the camera, to another lady who feels at home behind the lens, comes the documentary Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens (DRK, Sat 20:00). 

While the French Open Women’s Final (Eurosport, Sat 15:00) is another opportunity this week to witness women performing at the top of their game. 

Duck Dynasty (TV3+, Mon 20:00) is a new American reality show about a family quickly attracting worldwide controversy: the Robertsons. According to CNN, Morrisey called the family “animal serial killers”. I’m half inclined to watch after hearing that the ex-Smiths frontman cancelled his performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live after hearing that the Robertson family would also be on the show, but then again, no. 

Also this week, tune in for episode two of Psycho-inspired Bates Motel (TV3+, Tue 22:00) if you dare; and there’s another chance to watch the first episodes of two vaguely religious sitcoms: the gently humorous Rev (BBC Ent, Thu 18:05) and US sitcom Good Christian Bitches (K4, Sun 13:15), a show about a reformed queen bee who returns to her high school town.

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