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June 9th, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

Going out for cocktails has quickly become a colourful, tasty part of Danish culture, but many – especially young students – find them hard to afford. However, if you look around you will find that many bars offer affordable selections for a few, happy hours an evening. Here are some suggestions for swapping coffee for cocktails, whether you prefer them virgin or perhaps not so innocent.

Dalle Valle
If you are the kind of person who needs a good solid meal before going out, Dalle Valle is a great place for you. Enjoy its mouth-watering buffet offering a great variety of food for just 99kr and stay for its delicious cocktails, which cost only 100 kroner for two after 21:00 every night. Try its signature drink, Dalle Valle Passion, which is flavoured with vanilla and passion fruit, or the LickMeUp! that promises both raspberry and liquorice.
Fiolstræde 3-5, Cph K & Amagercentret, Reberbanegade 3, Amager; Happy hour: two for 100kr, available Mon-Sun 21:00-close; www.cafedallevalle.dk

Rhino Bar 
This beer and cocktail bar is in the heart of Copenhagen and leaves many opportunities for continuing the party elsewhere. It has “no dress-code and no angry bouncers”, as it states on its Facebook site, so it is a perfect place even if you are just out for one drink on a quiet night.
Nørregade 38, Cph K; Happy hour: two cocktails for 69kr, available Tue-Sat 21:00-23:00; www.rhinobar.dk

Boutique Lize
This little bar used to be a clothes shop – hence the name – and kept its name when it reopened as a bar. The bartenders here are quick and certainly know how to mix it right. It offers plenty of classics such as the Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito. You are required to buy two of the same if you want their special offer, but don’t worry because all their drinks are so delicious that you will want more and more.
Enghave Plads 6, Cph V; Happy hour: two for one, available Thu 20:00-23:30, Fri-Sat 20:00-22:00; drinks from 69kr; find Boutique Lize on Facebook

Francis Pony
“The only bar ever built by an experienced army mule”, as wis ritten on the bar’s website, is as weird as it sounds. It unfortunately only has four cocktails on its menu, but you won’t be disappointed. There’s plenty of space for everyone as the bar has two floors, but if you want a seat, you might want to show up early. Try for example its Long Island Ice Tea, which is said to be the drink that made the talking mule talk.
Klosterstræde 23, Cph K; Happy hour: two for one, available Wed 20:00-late, Thu-Sat 20:00-24:00; drinks from 60kr; www.francispony.dk



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