Select Shopping | The cream of ‘is’ for gelato gourmets

Now that the sunny days are upon us (for a little while, at least), the time has come to stave off the heat and humidity with a cool ice cream cone. From Sicilian gelato to traditional flødeis, check out our picks from among the best of Copenhagen’s creameries.


Siciliansk Is 

This old-school ice cream shop specialises in traditional Mediterranean gelato, importing most of their products straight from Sicily to Vesterbro, including coffee beans roasted in Palermo to pistachios from Bronte. Select your size – small, medium or large – and up to three flavours, and dive in.  And with their new Christianshavn location, which opened in May, you can now enjoy your gelato with a view of the canal. 

Skydebanegade 3, Cph V, 3022 3089 & Christianshavn Kanal 2, Cph K, 8813 2368; open daily 12:00-21:00; 25kr for small, 33kr for medium;



Step into Ismageriet in Vestamager and you’ll feel as if you’ve travelled back in time – with its cheery pastel paint and kitschy decor, this shop feels like a cosy ice cream parlour from the 1950s. The shop uses organic milk and all-natural ingredients to create a range of gourmet flavours and sorbets and to keep the fat percentage in their products as low as possible – so you can take part without guilt. Try the elderflower sorbet or white chocolate-liquorice-lemon ice cream.

Kongelundsvej 116, Cph S; open daily 12:00-22:00; 20kr for single scoop, 28kr for double; 6060 1040,


Bryggen 11

Located on Islands Brygge just across the road from the Copenhagen Harbour Baths, Bryggen 11 is the perfect pit stop for a tasty treat on the way for a swim. Choose from a wide variety of imaginative flavours, including blackcurrant and tarragon sorbet, lime and chilli sorbet or coconut-lime-ginger ice cream. All of the confections are homemade onsite with high-quality, local ingredients. 

Islands Brygge 11, Cph S; open Sun-Thur 12:00-20:00, Fri & Sat 12:00-21:00; 20kr for single scoop, 28 for double; 3311 0201; 



The family-owned business Vaffelbageriet inside Tivoli has used age-old recipes since the turn of the century. The creamery has been rated by National Geographic and other publications as one of the ten best ice cream parlours worldwide – and when you see their menu, you’ll understand why. While the shop offers pastries and æbleskiver in addition to ice cream, their most popular item is the ‘Amerikaner’ − an ice cream cone topped with syrup, whipped cream and a chocolate-covered meringue puff. 

Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; open daily 11:00-22:00; 29kr for double scoop, 34kr for triple; 3313 2419;