Live from Folkemødet

Journalist Ray Weaver on hand this weekend at Denmark’s political event

As a follow-up to his cover story this week looking into whether Denmark's political 'people's meeting' on the island of Bornholm this weekend is truly a forum for voters to meet with elected officials unfiltered by the media, or whether it's just a hive of lobbying and backslapping, journalist Ray Weaver will be at Folkemødet this weekend. 

There, we've asked him to find out what this, the third annual Folkemøde is about, and report back using a variety of channels – here on, on Twitter and Facebook, and through recorded audio

Unlike many at Folkemødet, he's got no programme, no agenda and no schedule – just orders to report back with interesting stories. 

We've asked him to put the focus on the people, not on the politics, but when you're among 60,000 potential voters, thousands of elected officials and even more lobbyists, separating the two might be impossible. 

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