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You know that final scene in Grease where everyone starts singing and dancing in perfect harmony? Well, in case you ever wanted to know what that felt like in real life, now is your chance. Summerdance in Fælledparken is a series of events where people can gather in the wonderful sunny weather and, under professional guidance, perform wonderful dance routines accompanied by a live DJ. The singing is optional.


The Summerdance in Fælledparken started almost 15 years ago when a group of Copenhageners wondered how they could bring people of all ages together and create a sense of community. The answer was to make an event where people could come together and dance, regardless of their background and dancing skills, and so Summerdance was born.


This year, the programme starts on June 24 and continues for four days every week until July 25. There will be events during the evenings, Monday through Thursday, and every night will have a different theme ranging from tango to salsa to modern dance. Each session starts at 19:00 with a professional trainer to guide the masses. Afterwards, from about 20:00-22:00 there will be a DJ playing music according to the evening’s genre. This year, the programme will start with a Brazilian night – check out future InOuts for what’s coming up in the week to follow.  


In addition to the evening events, there will be special children’s activities during the day on Thursdays where kindergarteners and school children are welcome to attend. However, just because there are separate children’s events, that doesn’t mean kids aren’t welcome to the evening ones. In fact, the whole idea is that people of all ages, including families with kids, can gather in a fun, healthy activity. 


The Summerdance series has been a regular in the Fælledparken for over a decade and as a sign of that, the park authorities have built the participants a sturdy, permanent dancing stage to replace the old, transportable one. Around the dancing stage is a bench for onlookers and tired dancers who need to catch their breath. There are also picnic tables close to the stage, complete with a centre where you can place a disposable barbecue, making the Summerdance series the perfect opportunity for a fun family outing.


Over the past few years, the event has been a hit with a diverse selection of dancing genres, so if you’ve always dreamed of trying your luck with the waltz or Bollywood dancing, now is the chance. With professional guidance and a relaxed atmosphere under the summer sky, you can’t go wrong. And the best part of all is that it’s completely free.  


Sommerdans i Fælledparken

Dansepladsen i Fælledparken ved Edel Sauntes Allé, Cph Ø;

starts June 24, ends July 25, Mon-Thu 19:00-22:00, kids sessions on Thu;

free adm; Sommerdans i Fælledparken on Facebook