Who is … Pelle Hvenegaard?

A Danish TV host and actor born in 1975, who made his cinematic debut when he was only eleven years old

In what movie?

‘Pelle the Conqueror’. Pelle was in fact named after the character in the novel.

Is he a big movie star now?

No, since then he has only had minor roles. He is better known today for hosting TV programmes. You may have seen him on the TV2 show ‘Dagens Mand’ (man of the day).

No, what is it about?

Basically there are a bunch of horny, desperate women who have to judge a man based on his looks, style, hobbies and whatever embarrassing stories his friends and family can come up with. The man then gets to choose one of the interested women to take on a date – of course paid for by TV2. That is if there are still any women left standing.

It sounds like a good job

Oh, it definitely is. Pelle enjoys it for sure. He always starts the programme with a “Hello ladies” and gets in response a very sensual choir of ‘bedroom voices’ purring ‘Hi Pelle’. It is no secret that most of the women in the studio would like to be asked out by him – the host. Maybe the participating men too as there have been specials for homosexuals.

Wow that sounds like a lot of tension.

You could cut it with a knife! It must be tough on Pelle’s nostrils as he’s convinced he can smell when a woman is horny. And when she’s on her period.

So do any of these smelly singles ever get lucky with Pelle?

Unfortunately for them, not. He is already taken and head-over-heels about his missus. In 2012 he actually surprised her with a wedding!

A surprise marriage?

Yes, she thought they were going to celebrate his birthday, but actually they were going to their own wedding, which the romantic spent a month planning. Firstly, she had to agree to marrying him, though, and when she did, there was no time for engagement celebrations as the church bells were already ringing.