Morning Briefing – Wednesday, June 26

The Copenhagen Post’s daily digest of what the Danish press is reporting

Pumping iron banned in prisons

Concerns about the abuse of anabolic steroids among inmates has led prison authorities to ban weightlifting behind the walls of the nation's lockups. The move was criticised by lawyers, politicians and prisoners, but authorities argue that the use of steroids is counterproductive to their role of preparing prisoners for life on the outside. – Jyllands-Posten

PISA test useless, prof claims

The Pisa test, which has been used since 2000 to evaluate how the skills of primary students in different countries compare, is useless. According to Svend Kreiner, a renowned statistical professor from University of Copenhagen, the test, which is taken every three years in 30 countries, uses a flawed methodology to rank the countries. – Politiken

More being deported

The number of people being deported has shot up over the past few years. According to statistics from immigration authority Udlændingestyrelsen, 1,379 foreigners were deported last year compared with 1,019 the year before; a 35 percent jump. The statistics also showed foreigners who are convicted of a crime are now more likely to be deported than in previous years. – Berlingske

Celebrity’s son charged in horse mutilation

TV chef Camilla Plum’s son is among the three people charged in the macabre northern Zealand pony decapitation investigation. Plum is furious that her son has been charged, saying that the horse belonged to him and that she can vouch for his alibi. If found guilty, those charged could face up to a year in prison. – Ekstra Bladet

Promising cancer treatment

A cancer treatment being jointly developed by Danish and US researchers has shown positive effects in combating liver cancer during initial human trials. A recently concluded test showed that the treatment – called G202 –  was able to significantly extend the life of liver cancer patients who had not responded to other treatments. – Videnskab

Big Danish boxing battle in the mixer

Two of Denmark’s best boxers could be going head-to-head later this year if promoter Nisse Sauerland can organise the bout. Light middleweight fighters Ahmed Kaddour and Torben Keller are both keen on an all-Danish battle on Nordic Fight Night. The fight could make or break one of the fighter's careers. The 31 year-old Kaddour has lost two out of 26 bouts, while Keller is undefeated in nine. –