GPs to return to negotiating table

Doctors will remain in health service and re-open talks that will likely mean more official influence over the way they run their practices

It will continue to be free to go to the doctor after August after general practitioners today dropped plans to withdraw from the health service.

The decision came at a meeting this afternoon of medical association PLO, which also saw the resignation of Henrik Dibbern as the organisation’s president. 

New president Bruno Meldgaard said the PLO would now meet with representatives from regional councils, which manage the health service, to restart negotiations over a new agreement between doctors and the health service that collapsed in April.

As president, Dibbern had pressed for GPs to reject proposed Health Ministry changes in the agreement that would give regional councils more influence over how individual doctors ran their practices. 

The country’s 3,600 GPs are, in essence, small business owners who receive payment for their services from the health service. Had they withdrawn from the health service, their patients would have been required to pay for care.

The regional councils had promised that medical care would remain free, but could not guarantee that people would be reimbursed for visits to their regular GP.