Who is … Anders & Peter Lund Madsen?

The brothers – who are 49 and 52 years old respectively – are complete opposites as well as close friends.

How are they different?

Peter, a brain scientist and doctor, is one of the smartest people in Denmark and Anders is well, let’s just leave it at that. Peter writes and reads scientific papers whereas Anders reads comic books.

So Anders is less intelligent, but what does he do?

He is a journalist who is best known for turning the news into a joke.

And what is Peter known for?

Being smart. He has written and contributed to several books on human behaviour and the brain. 

Do they get along?

Oh yes, they actually do a lot of shows together.

Have they always been close?

No, Anders was without a doubt the annoying baby brother and has taken his share of beatings from Peter. They don’t have any siblings, so I guess Peter had to take his anger and frustrations out on somebody.

Which frustrations?

He has always worried a lot and used to think that he was going crazy and maybe schizophrenic. And then he ended up taking an interest in the human brain.

How did that happen?

He has wanted to be a doctor since he was ten and scored a top grade in his final exam, which happened to be on the brain, so he chose that direction.

Has Anders achieved anything?

He got a 12,000 kroner fine for sending one of his interns to the police station to make a satirical report for his TV show. The intern had a bag containing an axe, a pepper spray and three knives.  But he has earned that money back this year by suing the gossip magazine Se & Hør for photographing him and his pregnant girlfriend at the hospital. He won the case and got 100,000 kroner (plus costs) from the magazine. So maybe Lund Madsen’s parents saved some brain-cells for Anders after all.