Morning Briefing – Tuesday, July 2

The Copenhagen Post’s daily digest of what the Danish press is reporting

Housing market moving on up

The housing market looks to have finally emerged from the long shadow of the financial crisis. A new survey by Greens Analysis Institute has revealed the most optimistic evaluations on the housing market since the crisis sent prices crashing in the autumn of 2008. Some 53 percent of Danes expect housing prices to rise in the next twelve months while just ten percent think they’ll fall. – Børsen

Police warn of internet blackmail

Police have warned that foreign IT-criminals have taken to a new type of internet blackmail. Using malware, criminals accuse people of having viewed child pornography, lock their computers and then demand a ransom. There are no figures on how many people have been affected in Denmark, but there have been 26,000 reports of it in Spain and some 6,000 computers are infected each day. – Jyllands-Posten

Newly educated tradesmen without work

More than every fifth young tradesman between the ages of 20 and 24 is without work, according to the construction union’s unemployment figures. Numbers from the union 3F revealed that unemployment among the young is at 22.1 percent, while it’s at 12 percent in general, almost half as low. Most of the young unemployed are newly educated bricklayers and carpenters. – Politiken

Zentropa looks to China

Zentropa is in deep negotiations with Chinese partners in a bid to create films that target cinemagoers in China. The Danish film producers believe that the recipe for success is banking on the Chinese love of romantic comedies and adventures by Hans Christian Andersen. Zentropa expects to have a deal in place sometime this autumn. – Berlingske

International rail experts slam DSB

The international railway experts NetworkRail have blasted national railway providers DSB and Banedanmark in an independent report. The report found that DSB had a relaxed culture and sloppy procedures which result in long travel times. Furthermore, the report indicates that travel times between Denmark’s largest cities could be significantly reduced if DSB and Banedanmark worked more professionally. –Ingeniøren

Higher mortality among children with sleep apnea

Danish research has shown that children with breathing problems during the night are 6.5 times more likely to die in their sleep than other children. The research also showed that children with sleep apnea also are more irritable, have worse concentration and lower growth rates than other children. According to the study, such children are ill more often. – Videnskab

Riis takes reserved role

Team Saxo-Tinkoff owner Bjarne Riis has decided that he will take a back seat in running his cycling team. Riis, who just showed up in Corsica yesterday to be with his team during the Tour de France, told reporters that he had been working intensely to change the organisation in TST so that he would be less visible in the future in order to be as effective as possible for his team. –