Morning Briefing – Thursday, July 4

The Copenhagen Post’s daily digest of what the Danish press is reporting

Dankort terminals experience technical difficulties

UPDATED, 9:27am: While you may have run into difficulty in using your Dankort card this morning, the card operators, Nets, have reported that their system is up and running again. A technical breakdown occurred at 3am which made it impossible to withdraw cash or use unmanned Dankort terminals. Nets, which is for sale, reported shortly after 8am that the system was working again. – Politiken

Employers struggling to find workers

Despite there being 150,000 unemployed people in Denmark, employers are having a more difficult time finding workers for their available jobs. The bi-annual recruitment report from labour market authorities Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen showed that employers failed to fill 9,400 job openings throughout the spring, almost double from the 5,000 positions that were not filled in spring 2012. – Jyllands-Posten

Electric car owners organise

Danish electric car owners have created their own grass-roots organisation, Forenede Danske Elbilister (FDE), in a bid to promote electric cars in Denmark. The number one priority for FDE is to save the e-car system that is based on battery changing, which is in grave danger of collapsing after e-car operator Better Place went bankrupt last month. – Information

Rabies virus could beat cancer

A Danish researcher has been a part of a team in Canada that has developed a math-based computer model that can help understand how a rabies virus can be used to kill cancer cells. Mads Kærn, a researcher at the University of Ottawa, said that the computer model is useful because it can be used to predict what will happen in the lab. Early results look promising. – Videnskab

Swedes show how it’s done

Denmark has lost out on hundreds of billions of kroner because it has been unable to keep up with Sweden in terms of economic growth. Based on OECD predictions, from today to the year 2030, Denmark will lose out on 388 billion kroner due to growth that is inferior to that of the Swedes. The lost funds will push Denmark out of the top 20 richest countries in the world. Sweden, on the other hand, is predicted to join the top ten. – Børsen

Bendtner’s Frankfurt move looks kaput

Embattled Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner looks unlikely to make a move to Frankfurt after all. According to reports, the Bundesliga club has given up on the Dane after not being able to live up to Bendtner’s wage demands. Punters speculate that the 25-year-old will now be looking towards bids from Malaga in Spain and Besiktas in Turkey. – Tipsbladet

Danes criticised for inactivity

The Norwegian government has decided to ban perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) after research by Aarhus University found that the chemical was unhealthy. PFOA, which is used in the treatment of clothes and furniture, will be illegal to sell, produce or import in Norway as of 1 January 2014. Danish experts, however, have criticised the national authorities for not following the Norwegians' lead. – Ingeniøren