Pro tricks, kickflips and skater chicks

Seven years ago three individuals sat down to discuss the lack of a real event catering to Denmark´s skateboarding enthusiasts. The outcome of that talk was CPH PRO, Copenhagen’s very own massive skate event. 

The annual event takes place over the course of an entire week, offering something for everyone who is interested in skateboarding, or just having a good time. Each year some of the best skaters in the world roll into the city, and this year big international names such as Eric Koston, Chris Cole, Nyjah Huston and Pierre-Luc Gagnon are set to make an appearance. Not to be outdone on their home turf, Rune Glifberg, the most successful Danish skateboarder in history, will feature at CPH PRO, as well as the nation’s first pro-skater, Nicky Guerrero.

The week-long event kicks off on Monday July 15 with two warm-up days featuring competitions that are open to everyone. The main part of CPH PRO, however, starts on Wednesday July 17 with a street skate competition exclusively for sponsored skaters. The big event on the Thursday is the CPH PRO VERT competition, which is sure to see some wild air action as world-class acts try to impress the judges’ panel and the locals. The weekday events are set up in a way to limit the effect of the notoriously unpredictable Danish summer, so in case of sun, all of the events take place in Fælledparken, but in the case of showers, the whole affair moves to CPH Skatepark in Enghave.

The biggest events take place over the weekend at the CPH Skatepark. Show up there on Friday for the street qualifying round, which ensures only the best make it to the main event the day after: the CPH PRO Finals. Last year’s final was an exciting, tightly contested event that ended with Chris Cole taking the prize. Following the big competition a final party is scheduled in the backyard of the skate park, where you are sure to meet some of the biggest names in the field. 

Finally, on Sunday the event winds down with some much appreciated relaxation at Knippelsbro, with music, beer and a floating miniramp. 

An after-party takes place on each of the days, following the end of the scheduled events, so even if you are not the biggest fan of skateboarding, the event does provide a good opportunity to socialise and have a good time. 

The outdoor events are free of charge and open to everyone, but if you want to catch the big weekend events, you need to cough up a measly 190 kroner. 


Fælledparken, Cph Ø (when the sun shines) & Cph Skatepark, Cph V (when it rains); starts Mon, ends Sun July 21, times vary; tickets for final events 190kr, free adm to outdoor events;