Morning Briefing – Monday, July 15

The Copenhagen Post’s daily digest of what the Danish press is reporting

Baggage handlers cause havoc at Copenhagen Airport

A job action by 120 Novia employees on Saturday forced travellers to leave Copenhagen Airport without their luggage and either have it sent to them or come back and claim it later. Anne Munck Mikkelsen, an airport spokesperson, said that she expected all of the stranded luggage to be delivered during the course of the day today. Mikkelsen downplayed security concerns expressed by those who questioned allowing people to wander in and out of the baggage area. Over 20 flights were delayed an hour or more while they waited for baggage to be handled. – Ekstra Bladet

Parents on holiday – minus the kids

One in five couples take a summer vacation but leave their kids behind. An Epinion poll conducted by DR News revealed that 20 percent of families will send the children to a summer nursery or kindergarten while the parents are off sipping a cold drink with their toes in the sand. A spokesperson for daycare providers' union BUPL called that number too high, saying that children also need a holiday and that being left behind makes them feel insecure. – DR News 

Poles do job Danes won't take

Although there are 45 union construction workers currently unemployed in the council, the city of Aarhus was forced to hire a contractor that employs Polish workers to help put in new pavements because Danish workers would not work for the 125 kroner per hour salary the job paid. “[Danes] are not interested in working for 125 kroner per hour,” said Aarhus 3F spokesperson Niels Eliasen. “A Dane cannot live on that wage.” – Jyllands-Posten

Container ship runs aground

A container ship has run aground near the island of Anholt between Jutland and Sweden. The navy reported that there are no signs of fuel or other pollutants leaking from the vessel. The ship, which is registered to a Dutch company, was on its way from Poland to Germany when it ran aground.  Divers are examining the prop to see if it has been damaged and the navy said the ship could be freed today. An investigation is underway to determine why the ship, which draws at nearly ten metres, was sailing in waters only six metres deep. – TV 2 News

Cops targeting chatty drivers

The number of drivers being ticketed for talking on a mobile phone while behind the wheel has doubled since 2007. Jørn Pakula Andresen, a national police traffic inspector, called distracted driving “a growing problem”.  Andresen said that using a mobile phone while driving quadruples the risk of accidents and impairs driving performance as much as alcohol. The fine for driving while on the phone is between 500 and 1,500 kroner. – Berlingske