‘Diabetes bomb’ could blow up government’s health budget

The number of Danes with diabetes has doubled to around 300,000 in just ten years. If the trend continues, there could be 600,000 patients being treated for the illness by 2025. According to Diabetesforeningen, the national diabetes association, the government has not allocated enough funds in its 2020 budget to cover that many people.

"There are warning signs that should be taken very seriously,” said Lars Holger Ehlers, a professor at the Centre for Improved Healthcare at Aalborg University. “Fortunately we have a few years before we reach the terrible situation in which we cannot afford to pay.”

In 2010, the state spent 9.1 billion kroner on hospital treatment of diabetic patients. That number could double by 2025, according to calculations by Diabetesforeningen. – Berlingske