Theatre to keep you on your toes

Vildskud Theatre Festival

 There are several reasons why the theatre is a truly magical place. For one, there is something delightful about taking your seat, watching the spotlight hit the red curtain and waiting for it to be pulled back and reveal the stage. It could also be the fact that each show is a live performance: a unique experience shared by the people in the room. Personally, I find the theatre to be a truly magical place because it’s always changing. The theatre has come a long way since Shakespeare’s heyday, yet it hasn’t lost its charm. 

Proving that the theatre is very adaptable and relevant in today’s world is Vildskud Theatre Festival, taking place this August in Huset KBH. The festival started in 2003 as a platform for various artists within the theatre scene to come together, learn from each other and create unique pieces, but also to introduce the underground theatre scene to the more mainstream public. The festival was a hit from the start and has been growing ever since, yet never quite ‘growing up’ and thereby maintaining its raw charm and intimate atmosphere.

The festival will be celebrating its tenth anniversary with some very interesting acts. Read on to doscover InOut’s picks for this year’s festival:


Undertøjet/Under tøjet

The theatre group Kutikula seeks to explore and answer one question: why do we have such a compelling need to be perfect? By looking into everyday situations and chance meetings between complete strangers, the group hopes to explore awkwardness and vulnerability. The show combines this series of random situations with interactive scenography that makes the whole room come alive.

Sat Aug 17, 13:00 & 17:30; Sun Aug 18, 15:00


This one-hour production from the Holberg Film and Theatre School is about rebirth and rising from the ashes – a poignant theme considering the school almost closed earlier this year. Ashes is directed by the school ‘s new leader, Stuart Lynch.

Fri Aug 16, 16:00, 20:00 & 22:00

Én Tanke Kommer Sjældent Alene

In a world where women’s minds are constantly bombarded by information – lose 10kg in two days, land your dream job; have the best sex ever – capturing their thought process is no small feat. But theatre group Plæxus will try, and will surely make a good time of it. 

Sat Aug 17, 14:00 & 18:00; Sun Aug 18, 13:00

Rescue Me

Rescue Me is a modern-day love story that tells the tale of Erna, who has a constant cold, and Ært, who is hopelessly poetic. While Erna and Ært live next door to each other, because of their ailments, they are inherently shy and cannot meet in person, but instead embark on a cyber relationship. The play explores the possibility of intimacy and love in the digital age, with some endearing and funny results.

Thu (Aug 15) 16:00; Sun Aug 18, 14:00 

Husets Teater, Halmtorvet 9, Cph V; starts Aug 14, ends Aug 18; tickets: single show 60kr, day pass 100kr, festival pass 200kr;