Mobile phones more prized than clean undies

Danes would rather go without clean underwear than without their mobiles while on a weekend getaway

Dirty underwear, no toothbrush, no problem … as long as you have your mobile phone! 


Metroxpress newspaper reports that a recent survey by YouGov for the mobile phone company CBB shows that Danes would rather go without a clean pair of undies or a way to brush their teeth during a weekend getaway than temporarily do without their precious mobile phones.


According to the survey, when asked what would be the worst possible item to forget during a weekend trip, 69 percent of respondents replied that it would be their debit card. Mobile phones came in second, with 11 percent, beating out both a toothbrush (ten percent) and clean underwear (seven percent). 


Only three percent of respondents pointed to mobile phones when asked which electronic device they could easily go without.