Sex club found guilty of discrimination

Swinging in Slagelse will never be the same now that a sex club has been forced to charge men and women the same entry fee

Sex clubs cannot charge men more than women according to a new ruling by the government’s anti-discrimination board, Ligebehandlingsnævnet, metroxpress newspaper reported today. 

The ruling arrives after a complaint from a man who was disappointed that he had to pay 300 kroner to enter the sex club Swingergaarden in Slagelse, while women got in for free.

The board’s decision is final and binding and club owner Trine Kragh fears it might spell the end of swinging in Slagelse.

“Men are simply more horny,” Kragh told metroxpress. “I set the price structure to help create an even distribution of men and women. If the prices are the same I will go bankrupt.”

Ligebehandlingsnævnet spokesperson Susanne Fischer argues, however, that gender-based discrimination ought to be stopped.

“The law functions in such a way that it is not allowed to set prices differently based on gender,” Fischer told metroxpress, arguing that simply because there are fewer women drawn to sex clubs, they shouldn't be offered a lower entry fee. “You also can’t charge women less for a buffet simply because they eat less.”

Ligebehandlingsnævnet has made several controversial rulings in the past. In June it ruled that restaurants could ask women not to breastfeed, while in March it ruled that hairdressers can’t charge women more than men for haircuts simply because of their gender.